Stories of calling

Ministers are called by God, but this calling can come in any number of ways. There really is no such thing as typical.
Two new members of clergy hugging Diocese of Southwark

We’ve presented below some stories of exploring vocation to give you a flavour of this diversity. Of course no such list can ever be exhaustive, so if you want to get a flavour of ministry first hand you might want to consider getting involved in our ministry experience scheme.

Ministry is more than just a job, and represents more than just a change in career. Find out more about the different types of ministry within the Church of England.

If you’re currently serving in ministry, or training to do so, and would like to share your story, then please do get in touch!


Rachel Bedford

Rachel was unsure what vocation looked like. Her story shows having a family can be a strength to ministry, not a burden.

If God is calling you he’ll make it work

Foloronso Olokose

Foloronso never saw himself as a priest. It took the words of others to reveal his gifts to him.

If God says yes, who can say no?

Matt Rodgers

Matt knew that he was called to do more. Once he got involved the opportunities to minister only grew.

How could I say anything but yes?

Tracey Allen

Ministry is about being there for people. As a Lay chaplain, Tracey plays her full part in university life, offering pastoral care and prayer to students and staff.

You are there when they need you

Claire Jones

Claire felt too young for ministry, spending time at St Anselm and doing Ministry Experience revealed that didn’t matter.

Praise God who calls the most unlikely of us

John Naudé

John worried his disability would prevent him from being ordained. God had other ideas.

There is nothing better than serving God, in whatever form

Nic Findlay

Nic was called to do something new. Not every minister is ordained. And not every Church has a steeple.

Loving someone fully is to stand with them in their joy and in their mess

Elizabeth Pio

Elizabeth never had any time for religion, but then she heard God speak to her.

I have time to be still and quiet with God

Max Drinkwater

There’s never a dull moment for Max. With two churches to run, schoolchildren to teach, and care homes to visit, Max is able to play a big role in many people’s lives.

To hear the way the children have received the message is wonderful

Vanessa Hadley-Spencer

Having become a Christian at seventeen, Vanessa always had a nagging feeling that she was called to ministry. Conversations with others, and taking part in Ministry Experience, gave her that final push.

Learning to trust God

"Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always."

Psalm 105:4